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About Us


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Network traffic management, physical security solution, sound solution/vibration actuator

QoS l DPI [Center to Edge]      L7 Network Traffic Management

PIDS [Fiber Sensor Intrusion]   Physical security [outside surveillance]

Acoustic Actuator                  Vibration Sound Transfer


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ITEC Technology Co., Ltd.
song inseon
B-808, 11 Beobwon-ro 11-gil, Songpa-gu, Seoul
September 1995

​12 as of 2023


​경영이념, 사업방향

Management Philosophy


itecMembers are the best assetno see.

The company provides continuous and quality products and language training,

It inspires motivation and an enterprising mindset among members.

The company strives to respect traditional values even in a high-tech environment.


For the right growth of the companyBusinesses are also members of societyWe must recognize that we are, and take an interest in society.

iTech is working in various fields to improve the quality of life and develop society.
Share profits and give back to societyAll employees voluntarily participate in the work they do.

Although it is still a small service, itec's service will be professional and wide-ranging as the company develops.

business direction


ITEC started with the development and production of high-speed optical and electrical l electronic interconnection products 
network traffic management solutions,light intrusion detection solution andIoT solution,hmm
incense We are providing a solution.
For customer success and sustainable growth
Best solution and serviceis trying to provide



Since 1994Itec has introduced and introduced the best solutions.

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