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FFT   :   PIDS

A leader in optical cable sensor intrusion detection systems

Since 1994, FFT Security has been involved in the development and production of fiber optic sensor intrusion detection systems for security applications. FFT products are designed to monitor perimeter and data network failures, network intrusion, network excavation, data theft, terrorism or espionage activities, including fence monitoring, fence intrusion, and wall fence protection.

It has been tested by the world's leading independent test laboratories for military, government, energy, transportation, industrial, and many other applications, along with hundreds of high-security sites worldwide.

FFT's fiber optic sensor intrusion detection systems offer performance levels and cost advantages unavailable with other detection technologies.   of FFT technology through numerous international patents;Originality is proven.

Features of FFT optical cable sensor-based security system

  • long distance - Protect up to 80km (50miles) of sensor cable with one controller

  • event location - Accurately detect the location of intrusion attempts

  • ARaD Advanced Signal Differentiation - Minimize false alarms from environments including aircraft, wind, rain and traffic

  • low installation cost - No need for field power or electronics

  • safety and reliability - Ensure self-safety, EMI, RFI and burnadapt to the dog

  • integrated - Seamless connection to third-party systems and equipment in FFT CAMS software

FFT service and support

All systems offered by FFT come with a comprehensive two-year warranty, are virtually maintenance-free, and all on-site components are passive. All active devices are housed in work rooms with appropriate environmental and security controls.

FFT provides commissioning services to support customer installations and has partners worldwide to provide customers with a range of support services.

Service and support is available worldwide from FFT's overseas offices located in the US, UK, Australia and the Middle East. We can customize our service and support package to suit specific client requirements.

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