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Management philosophy

iTEC considers its staff as being the highest company asset.

We commit to providing continuous quality product training and language education to our employees so as to ensure high motivation   and positive attitude. We encourage the respect for traditional  values within a high technology environment.

In order for the company to grow properly, it must recognize that the company is also a member of society, and take an interest in society as a corporate member of society.

iTEC is committed to improving the quality of life and the quantitative development of society, but we are working hard in various fields, and employees are also participating in volunteer work to share corporate profits and return them to society.It is still a small service, but with the development of the company, iTEC service will be conducted professionally and widely.

Business philosophy

iTEC started as high-speed optical / electrical connector products producer.

We are now providing network traffic management solutions, optical intrusion detection solutions, IoT solutions and acoustic solutions, and strive to provide the best solutions and the strong technical support needed for customer success and sustainable growth.

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